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Mona Thiel is an amazing practitioner of Reiki and Reflexology. She delivers a poignant but relaxing experience combining the two types of healing practices. Mona has helped a lot as I heal from chronic injury and illness. What a gift she is!

~ Beth C.


     The best massage I've ever had was given this evening by Daniel at Om Chakra. I've tried PT/Sport, deep tissue, Swedish, Shiatsu, and other styles of massage at many other places since orthopedic surgery when I was 21. Daniel gave me an incredible massage that was both therapeutic and deeply relaxing. Having filled out the online information form before arriving, I was impressed to find that Daniel had already consulted it and was aware of my history and needs when we met. He listened well and his caring yet lighthearted personality made me feel at ease. My massage was a truly healing experience. The person I went with had the same things to say about her massage in the connecting room! I recommend Daniel wholeheartedly.

The new location is lovely. At the corner of Market and 2nd, I entered through the 2nd Street door. The building itself has a nondescript exterior but the massage suite was transformed into an elegantly serene space. I took advantage of a discount to book my next appointment before I left. Can't wait!

-Melinda B .Sacramento, CA


      What a beautiful person Mona life has transformed in amazing ways since my first reiki session with her. I came into Om Chakra knowing very little about reiki and Mona greeted me with open arms. She was patient and kindly explained. We talked about life the first few minutes and with her insight and wisdom I felt like my eyes were open to a higher understanding. She is loving, honest, kind, patient and very easy to talk to as she never judges. After the session I was so relaxed and felt amazing!
I regularly receive reiki now from her and she is always happy to see me...just as loving as the very first day and It's always a good day when I see her. I have also completed level 1 and level 2 reiki as she teaches these. I Loved every minute learning these levels. She is also a certified reflexologist. I feel so blessed and grateful to have met Mona and highly recommend her as the reiki sessions have been life changing for me :). She rocks!!!!!

~ Tara U.


  It was a beautiful Saturday, warm and sunny with a light breeze. I was graced with being in the presence of Mona Thiel as she administered Reiki Level I training. It was a deeply emotional experience as we shared conversation, a meal, attunement, and healing in a peaceful setting overlooking the mountains. Mona is very kind and nurturing and I look forward to continuing my training with her.

Kimberly    Clarksburg,Md



    I didn't know how tired my legs were, until they weren't any more! I have a very physical job with both plenty of heavy lifting and high stress levels; Ken made everything feel better again with just the right combination of massage techniques. HIGHLY recommended. Just go! 

-Cindy Majane



       Dan was AMAZING! I have many massages and he is fabulous. He gives the absolutely best neck massage!

  -Robin Wecheler



     I have received three massages from Daniel and have been 100% satisfied each time. I have used gift certificates and groupons, but never felt that I was treated with less respect as a customer. I have left the salon feeling like a new person each time and will continue to return. I cannot speak highly enough of this establishment!



      Ken was amazing!!! Thank you!!!!

  -Laura Blackburn



    Just had my third massage with Kara yesterday, second in the new location, and all three have been outstanding. I felt I was working with a confident, connected and intuitive practitioner.

   -Jeff Lucas


       Working with Ken, Ann and other practioners with Om over the past several months has been a joy. The Reiki energy practice that they offer is an amazing support as I manage a chronic illness. While Om has the feel of a gorgeous, relaxing spa it is truly a place for anyone who is grappling with injury or illness to get support in their healing. I love the rich decor and beautiful artwork displayed in the rooms. It is truly a welcoming place for those searching for healing and stress relief and I would highly recommend them for both energy work and massage.

  -Beth Cessna


 Each and every time I had an EXCELLENT session (12) at Om Chakra. They are the best in the business. I have recommended friends and relatives to them.

   -Charlotte Oswald


     I have severe back problems and Daniel has really helped me with my pain level. I have drastically reduced my pain medication and just feel looser and better. It's improved my quality of life. On top of that, it's a really nice space with really wonderful people.



     This was my first professional massage and I loved it! Being my first time, I was a bit nervous so it was great that the staff was so positive, friendly, inviting, and really comfortable to be around. Om Chakra provided an incredibly relaxing experience and I walked out feeling great. It's in the best location, too. With so much to do in Frederick, we spent the entire afternoon there. Thanks again!

  -Jennifer Mccullon


     I was a loyal customer of another spa in Frederick and was given 2 visits to Om Chakra as a gift. The spa is smaller and they don't offer all the frills, but the massages are AMAZING! It's not geared towards just a relaxing experience, but an experience that brings healing. I love it and will definitely be coming back!!!

   -Alice Frishkorn


     My husband and I had the couple's massage and what a dreamy, wonderful time it was. The ambiance was first class from the rooms, aromatherapy and music choices to the bed linens. Clean, comfortable and inviting all around. The massage was amazing and tailored to our desires (stronger, lighter touch, etc). Both our masseuse/masseur were professionals in their delivery and their customer skills were top notch. This was by far the best massage experience I have ever had the pleasure to have and immediately booked my next appointment. Highly recommend.

  -Chistine Prete


     I've always had a wonderful experience here. Om Chakra is clean, beautiful, well-appointed, and suited for relaxation. Lee Anne is one of the most nurturing people I've met. Her tremendous technical skill combined with her kind, compassionate personality make her an ideal massage therapist, especially for me. With her expert care, I have made great strides in managing my physical wellness and stress levels. The other staff members at Om Chakra are warm and welcoming. I can readily and enthusiastically recommend Om Chakra!



I have been getting monthly massages at another spa for about 2 years and have been satisfied with the service but wanted to try Om Chakra because a friend recommended it. I was not disappointed. It was the best massage I have ever had. The facility is beautiful, atmosphere relaxing, and service is excellent. 

  -Sue Fortin


   Ken is by far the best massage therapist I've had. I go to a lot of 5-star resorts, one of them is a SPA and Ken is right up there with the experience I have had at the 5-star Spa Resort. One thing I really like at the Spa resort that I think would be cool to add into the experience is that they start out by rubbing eucaplyptis on their hands and wave it across your face area for about 30 seconds. Then they ring a bell softly that sort of gives you a centering within. Then the massage begins. They do the same at the end. It's just a really cool personal touch that I enjoy.

   -Cathy Chapman




Just had my second massage at OM.  I will definitely be requesting Dan from now on, and you'd be smart to do the same.  He has killer instincts.

-L S. Bad Salzuflen, Germany


I'm 31 years old and yesterday I was invited to attend a Healing Circle by a friend of mine. I had never been to one nor did I have any idea what it was. I chose Daniel Novic as my "healer" so to speak. He aked me what issues I wanted him to focus on and I said "I guess I'm going through so much stress and anxiety that it's starting to affect my health and I feel like I'm going to shatter into a million pieces". When he asked where I was feeling this stress I told him I had a knot in my chest and a lump in my throat and it was hard to breath. After 15-20 minutes or whatever it knot was gone and so was the lump in my throat and most importantly I could breath I feel like my life is changed. I still feel good. I'm not a religious person and and not really knowlegable of this type of practice. All I know is that I feel better and I want to thank him because the feeling I had before felt like it was killing me. Even if this peaceful feeling only last a day, I'm eternally greatful for the break.

~Marici S.  - Frederick, MD


I purchased the recent Groupon offer for Om Chakra and redeemed the offer this morning.  I had Lee Anne as my massage therapist.  From the time I walked in the Holistic Healing & Massage Center I felt completely welcomed.  The reception area was beautiful and the lady at the front desk was welcoming and had a smile on her face.  I was escorted into one of the rooms that was nicely decorated and had a great atmosphere.  The choice of scented oils and music was a nice touch that I personally have never been given anywhere else.

There was a short "consultation" to go over a little of my medical history and then we got to business.  I was completely relaxed the whole time and my 75 minute - Experiential massage seemed to fly (only down-fall, but I can't really complain about that).  When Lee Anne was finished she talked to me for a few minutes about when she noticed (tight spots, etc...) and even gave a few suggestions on stretches and such to help keep those problem areas loose.  I was given a bottle of water on my way out and asked to drink the whole bottle to re-hydrate (again, that hasn't always been the case at different establishments).

Overall, I was very happy with Om Chakra and especially Lee Anne.  I would recommend the Center and I really am looking forward to returning to try some of their other services.  This is really a one stop shop for holistic well-being.

I'd love to add a criticism, but I don't really have one.  The location was easy to get to, there was street parking on the weekend, but I would assume the parking garage 1/2 a block away would probably be a good idea during the week.  The decor was fabulous and I wanted to take the furniture home with me.  I don't have anything for those who want to see a criticism...  sorry.  

Thank you for a great Saturday morning. 

~ Holly B. - Frederick, MD


I have been searching for a good massage therapist for years, and I am very picky.  Dan is amazing.  I am a triathlete, so I am always hurting from injuries or training.  Since I started seeing him, I feel so much better!  He always asks what my particular needs are and caters each session to my needs.  I can't say enough good things about Dan!

Additionally, the front staff is very friendly and the rooms are beautiful.  There are three oil scents to choose from and a selection of music.  The prices are not the cheapest, but are competitive.  Overall, very satisfied with Om Chakra :) 

~Lisa L. - Frederick, MD


I was very pleased with my experience at Om Chakra.  Daniel was great and very informative.  If you like a strong massage definitely see him.  The atmosphere is very tranquil and relaxing.  I would strongly recommend to anyone.

~Scott P.  -Martinsburg, WV


What a great place! The minute you walk  in, it's relaxing and a beautiful space. I highly recommend Dan - he's been great

~Matt B. -Frederick, MD


 Have worked with Dan twice now, and each massage has been wonderful. It's clear from the first minute in his care that he is passionate about his work. The experience is fluid & all encompassing. Best therapist I've seen in a long time.

~Lindsey S. -Frederick MD


"Anyone who buys me a massage gets five billion A+'s in my book.  So first, I give my boyfriend the honor of five billion A+'s.

I'm picky about my massage parlors.  I have a very very very bad back so massages are actually medicinal for me, but I like to enjoy the experience, too!  Om Chakra is at a great location, in the old ball room of the historic Francis Scott Key Hotel.  They did a great job of keeping it's ballroom like qualities, just adding some pretty fabric draped across the beautiful high ceilings. 
When you walk in, the yoga room is on the left third of the room and then the massage rooms are off to the right.  Each have fun little names and themes, beautifully decorated and very relaxing.

What made Om Chakra stand out from other places I've been to, is have you select your scent (or choose unscented) of oil or lotion before you go in and instead of standing discussing your massage beforehand, they provide you with a very warm foot soak while doing so.  That made it feel like you were getting an extra little something special.Everyone who worked there was very nice, knowledgeable about both the massages and other services they offer, and professional.  In the end all that really mattered, though, was that I came out feeling like five billion A+'s."    

~Victoria N. - Frederick, MD


"Lee Anne Little has given me exceptional massages each time I have visited.  She has been there for me during times when I was in need and she makes the customer her main focus.  She takes the time to learn your overall needs and your body to ensure the massage is completely what you want.  She puts her whole energy into you as a customer and does not rush to complete.  You will get her full time and attention and be fully satisfied after your massage.  For all my massages I will visit Lee Anne and make sure I share my experience with everyone."

~Erin B.


I have had cervical spine and lumbar back problems for many years.  After many years of physical therapy and chiropractic therapy, I was introduced to massage therapy as well.  I have been to different massage therapists and Lee Anne Little is by far my favorite.  Her work is amazing and she listens to her clients.  She works with each individual, evaluates their needs, and does not leave any muscle or problem area untouched. I always come into a session in pain, with a headache and limited motion, when I leave I have a smile on my face, am headache free and my range of motion is improved.  She is a very compassionate, dedicated professional and I would highly recommend her to any individual.  Lee Anne is an asset to the Massage Therapy profession!

~Susan P.


Lee Anne’s body work is exceptional.  Her healing hands are able to tune into my needs whether I have aches, pains, stress or just need to relax.   She helps me restore balance to mind and body all while feeling comfortable and safe.   As a runner, I need very regular body work and Lee Anne keeps me going race after race.   Her professionalism and amazing touch are perfect for my personal massage therapist!

~Trish S.


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