Balance your Chakras

Take time for yourself.  Complete wellness includes a stimulated mind, an energized body and joyful spirit!  This requires regular maintenance just like in other areas of your life.  Om Chakra is like a gym for your soul. This is an INDIVIDUAL membership so you can schedule your appointments at a discounted rate.

To achieve total bliss we recommend between 2-4 wellness appointments per month to stimulate your system and increase overall health.  The "Balance Your Chakras" membership will help you in your journey to overall wellness by giving you UNLIMITED $20 discounts on  Massage, Reiki or Reflexolog of 75 minute or more .

$29 mo (12 months)    
$29 per month will get you an Individual MEMBERSHIP

Balance Your Chakras Business Membership

Would you like to make your employees feel more Valued? Happier? Healthier? More Productive?

For a discounted monthly membership fee, your employees will be one step closer to overall wellness. This is a membership designed for companies with 5 or more employees. Your business will receive up to a 20% discount for all Om Chakra services! Services included: Massage and Reiki.

Contact Ken the owner of Om Chakra at for more information!

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