Om Chakra Memberships

MembershipsIt’s common knowledge that Massages, Reiki and Acupuncture relieve stress, muscle tension, and help you relax. The problem is most clients don’t ever go often enough to receive all the true benefits. With Om Chakra's Balance Your Chakras membership, you get low monthly rates. You will be able to afford to come more often and you’re assured genuine and long lasting results from your visits with us.

An in-depth, structured and multi-phase interview and "audition", insures that Om Chakra hires only the best practioners and instructors.  Thanks to this process, only the most committed and outstanding candidates are selected.  Our practioners and instructors have much more than great skills; they are genuinely warm, friendly people who are dedicated and committed to supporting the healing of others and will make you feel completely at ease.



Balance Your Chakras

Take time for yourself.  Complete wellness includes a stimulated mind, an energized body and joyful spirit!  This requires regular maintenance just like in other areas of your life.  Om Chakra is like a gym for your soul. This is a INDIVIDUAL membership so you can schedule your appointments at a discounted rate.

To achieve total bliss we recommend between 2-4 wellness appointments per month to stimulate your system and increase overall health.  The "Balance Your Chakras" membership will help you in your journey to overall wellness by giving you a $20 discount on unlimited massage, reiki, and reflexology sessions of 75 minutes or more...........

$29 per month     regularly $39
$29 per month will get you an INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP

Membership Rate
Massage or Reiki:    
75 minutes $69
105 minutes      $99**
Couples Massage

(per couple)

75 minutes $138
105 minutes $198
Hot Stone Massage:    
75 minutes
105 minutes   $129
75 minutes   $69
Mind/Body Massage              
90 minutes                     $109

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