Cherie Michelle', LMT

Cherie has over 20 years serving others as a licensed massage therapist and is licensed in Pennsylvania and Maryland. She brings decades of experience and a passion for helping others discover their path to healing. Her goal at the completion of each healing massage session is that you, the client, feels empowered to be the best rejuvenated and restored version of yourself.

Cherie’s strongest talent is her palpating skills. “I can and will find tension in muscle tissue.” The techniques she has gained from studying Orthopedic Rehabilitative/Clinical massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, and Muscle Energy Techniques help ease away muscle tension, often alleviating chronic musculoskeletal pain responses and patterns.

Prenatal massage is one of her favorite modalities. She encourages her mothers to be to relax into the inward experience as she provides a soothing nurturing touch.

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