Just the Beginning

Schedule an AppointmentMaking your appointment to visit the Om Chakra Wellness Center is just the beginning. To schedule your appointment, check out our online scheduler to see which of our practitioners is available to see you. You can either give us a call or schedule your appointment online.

If this is your first time visiting Om Chakra Wellness Center, you may either download and fill out our Intake form or fill it out online.

Since we know you're going to love your treatment and will want to come back, check out our Membership page and sign up to receive discounts on products, classes, and treatments.

Because we at Om Chakra want your visit to be truly unrivaled, we urge you to check out our music "Experiences" page. One of the free perks to your appointment is fully customizing your sensory experience, beginning with sound. Om Chakra offers over 12 different unique auditory "experiences". If you have any questions, need any guidance or have any requests, please give us a call.

Each session will also include an Epsom salt foot bath while the client relaxes in their own private room sipping on cucumber water. At this time the client will be offered a tray of essential oils to sample since Aromatherapy is also included in every session at no extra charge to fully round out the sensory experience. Choose between frankincense, lavender-lemongrass-rosemary, and lavender-vanilla.

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