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Ken Cook

Owner / Founder of Om Chakra

Ken CookKen has been studying Holistic massage and medicine for over 14 years and has traveled all over the world studying with Shamans, Sadhus, Ayurvedic doctors and Sangomas comparing and studying the different modalities of massage and energy healing through experiencing their various techniques and effects.

Over the past six years, he has become certified in Reiki and reached the prestigious level of Reiki Master, and has also become nationally and State certified as a Licensed Massage Therapist.  In this process,  He has slowly developed and customized heart felt techniques so that each of his clients receive positive life changing effects from his work. He believes that opening up ones heart chakra is the key to finding peace and love in oneself.  By guiding and supporting clients through this transformational process, it facilitates in giving them better clarity and connection in life and will eventually allows them to find their life purpose.





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