Meet Our Team

Our staff of highly experienced, licensed and certified therapists is ready to meet your needs. Our gifted individuals take their skills seriously and are continuously updating their repertoire with new modalities and abilities. They are considered by many in Frederick as the top practitioners in the field.

All Om Chakra practitioners pledge:

  • To know the power of their skill to offer a path to healing and well-being;
  • To be willing to share their gifts and skills, to empower others;
  • To be willing to participate in continual educational programs to further the scientific body of medical understanding of our practices and offerings.

Make an appointment to stop by Om Chakra Wellness Center and get to know our talented massage therapists,reiki masters, and reflexologists.

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Om Chakra Massage Therapists

Ken Cook | Om Chakra of Frederick MD

Ken Cook, Owner / Founder

Daniel Novic

Jennifer Gamertsfelder

Sarah Metz

Cherie Michelle'

Angela Schoenbauer

Om Chakra Reiki Practitioners

Daniel Novic

Ken Cook | Om Chakra of Frederick MD
Mona Thiel
         Daniel Novic
Ken Cook

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