About Om Chakra in Frederick, MD

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Our practitioners at Om Chakra are dedicated to the value of quality service and most importantly we love what we do! We are attuned to and care about our clients experience, needs, and expectations. It is our intention to meet each client where they are in their individual journey and assist them with their unique goals as they ascend towards wholeness.




  • To create a space that strengthens the spirit, calms the mind, heals and challenges the body. A place where you are embraced and taken on a personal journey.
  • To open minds to other cultures and their individual philosophies and traditions and embrace what makes them unique. Take each client on a trip outside their own mind...outside their own body....outside their own community.
  • To provide tools that restore, re-balance, and revive one's health and happiness.. To embrace life-long wellness.
  • To recognize the value of a team approach by establishing a home for an integrated and diverse group of practitioners and instructors.
  • To give back to our community - locally, nationally, and globally.


There's No Place Like...."OM"

Yoga Classes and Massage in Frederick Maryland